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Based on our experience in the schools we work with we have created three subscriptions that we know maximise impact.

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Standard subscription

We help you embed Pobble in your school. Building on your literacy strategy, we set and realise tangible goals. We work with your staff, pupils and wider school community to raise the profile of writing.

  • Class accounts
  • 3 Pobble Days
  • Optional case study
  • A dedicated Pobble Teacher

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A School judged Good by OFSTED used Pobble to help narrow the gap between writing attainment of Pupil Premium Pupils and the other children in KS2.

South East

A high achieving school in London is using the Pobble platform to showcase the work of their talented writers with an audience beyond the classroom.


A school judged as requiring improvement by OFSTED used their Pobble Package to target the improvement of writing attainment in KS2.


Light subscription

Together, we define how Pobble can support your School Development Plan's literacy targets. We focus on enabling your staff to get the most out of the platform.

  • Class accounts
  • 1 Pobble Day
  • A dedicated Pobble Teacher

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An alliance of schools in a new academy chain are all launching Pobble together with a  vision of sharing writing between schools.


A small village school used their Pobble package to inspire writers and teachers across the whole school, with a day of writing workshops and staff CPD

East Riding

A teaching school judged as Outstanding by OFSTED is using Pobble to enhance their teaching of writing and support their work with other schools in the region.


Top subscription

We guide you on your Pobble journey, as we would with a Standard subscription. In addition we work with identified groups that are requiring extra support.

  • Class accounts
  • 9 Pobble Days
  • Optional case study
  • A dedicated Pobble Teacher

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A large Outstanding Primary School used Pobble to support the teaching of writing in KS2, with a particular focus on outcomes at the end of Year 6.

North Yorkshire

A new headteacher used the Pobble Package to develop the teaching of writing across his whole school and targeted intervention with a group of Year 3 pupils.

North Yorkshire

A School judged as requiring improvement by OFSTED used the services of Pobble to help improve the teaching of writing across school and motivate their reluctant writers.


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