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Our staff training ensures that Pobble is truly embedded in your school.

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Professional development

The Pobble team is a group of experienced, passionate teachers. As part of our Pobble days we work with your staff and share our experience in using the latest approaches and tools to teach literacy across all year groups.

We get to know your school by repeatedly working with your pupils during the day and with your staff during the afternoon. We offer a range of training sessions, that we can select from based on your specific situation.

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"Pobble's training was well delivered and engaging. It gave our staff the skills and confidence to make sure that the tremendous potential of Pobble was realised in our school"

Casey Lynchey

Literacy coordinator at Holcombe Brook

Praise for our Pobble teaching team

It was lovely to watch you and Simon in action teaching the children. You are both such natural, talented teachers with the ability to captivate a class of children.

Head-teacher, Threshfield Primary School, North Yorkshire

Really inspired by Mr Davies' energetic delivery of Pobble today. All children were captivated and produced some great work.
Thanks Mr Davies.

Mr Fox, Year 6 Teacher, Ebor Gardens

Mr Smith engaged the attention and interest of all the children. This session will enhance their creative writing for the future. Very inspirational for the children (and teacher!).

Year 3 Teacher, Conwy

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